Captine Jaquline Highwater

Sauve and Audacious Charmer.


Captain Jaquline Highwater Dino-Priate ~ Raptor Role/Level ~ Expert1 Reputation ~ 1 Prof Skill Wealth ~ 6 Size ~ 5’6” Speed ~30 Virture ~ Charming Vice ~ Audacious Strength ~ 1 Dexterity ~ 2 Constitution ~ 0 Intelligence ~ 2 Wisdom ~ -1 Charisma ~ 2

 Init Combat Man
  2     0     0
To    Fort   Ref   Will
0       2     6      2 
Flat  Dodge  Perry
 10    13     11
  • Lucky *Evasion *Seize Initiative *Attractive *Dodge Focus *Martial Weapon Proficiency *Improved Acrobatic Charge(Raptor)

Skills Jump ~ 5 Climb ~ 5 Acrobatic ~ 6 Escape Artist ~ 6 Ride ~ 6 Slight of Hand ~ 6 Search ~ 6 Notice ~ 3 Sense Motive ~ 3 Bluff ~ 10 (6) Diplomacy ~ 10 (6) Gather Info ~ 6


Basic Stuff ~ Concealed Daggers Sword ~ Gun (Family Heirloom)

Weapons Sword Attack (2) DMG (+3) Crit (19-20 +3)


Jaquline Highwater was not the captine’s first name, but that one is long forgot. Swallowed by the depth of the sea with the rest of her memories, except for the image of smiling man with the gun at his side. The gun is the only thing left of her past life when she awakes on boat. Until the nightmares begin, which is when she learned her families boat was viciously destroyed during a battle between Ninja’s and Pirates, who have no care for those they hurt in their wars. She is taken in by an Imperial Nobel, Choon-yei. For the next few years she is taught to protect herself in the world. Then, while upon a Imperial spy ship Choon-yei is killed in an attack of ninja’s, while she was distracted with an imperial youth.

With the ship damaged, but crew significantly reduced, she helps man the ship back to harbor. The Capt offered her work. Jaquline would not take it, but she is convinced by the capt. as a spy for the imperial forces she would be able to avenge her family and Choon-yei. She works her way up the rank, helping the imperial with the ninja scum. Her first run of a ship as captine led to a random attack by ninjas. Her crew was lost, but the ninja’s also took significant numbers, through she had to call a draw with a ninja names Itsuki. They would met a few more time, but never be able to defeat each other.

Some years later she awoke one monring, upon a different ship, with nothing but her families gun and three years of her memories gone. Believing the the imperial mages are the only ones who could do this she left and lived a life of recklessness, leaving a wave of hurt behind her. A happenstance meeting with Captain Stenfahl, and a crazed native riding a dinosaur, caused her to see that things could be different. Since then she has been trying to amend for her past ways of living.

Captine Jaquline Highwater

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