Shì Dāwéi

Short mustachioed Imperial merchant



  • Expert


  • Strength: -2
  • Dexterity: +0
  • Constitution: +1
  • Intelligence: +4
  • Wisdom: +1
  • Charisma: +2


  • Virtue: enterprising
  • Vice: insensitive

Combat stats
  bonus combat ability
Combat +0
Attack +0 0 0
Manoeuvre -2 0 -2
Base defence +0 0
Dodge +0 0 0
Parry -2 0 -2

  damage bonus strength critical range
Flintlock pistol +3   20: +4 -2 / 20 ft
Fisticuffs -2 -2 20: +3  

Saving throws
  bonus ability role feat
Toughness +1 1    
Fortitude +3 1   2
Reflex +0 0    
Will +3 1 2  

  bonus ranks ability source
Bluff +6 4 2
Climb -2   -2
Concentrate +5 4 1 Imperial
Craft, textiles +8 4 4
Craft, small arms +8 4 4
Diplomacy +6 4 2
Disguise +6 4 2
Escape artist +0   0
Gather info +6 4 2
Handle animal +2 2
Intimidate +6 4 2 Imperial
Jump -2   -2
Know, biz +8 4 4
Know, geology +8 4 4
Know, plants +8 4 4
Know, tech +8 4 4
Notice +1   1
Perform +2   2
Search +8 4 4
Sense motive +5 4 1
Stealth +0   0
Survival +1   1
Swim -2   -2


  • Great fortitude (Imperial): Fortitude +2
  • Tireless (Imperial): no fatigue penalties
  • Master plan: can prepare for encounter with Int check. Grants bonus to party for 3 rounds, then decreases by 1 per round.
    • 10 to 14: +1
    • 15 to 24: +2
    • 25+: +3
  • Contacts (business)
  • Martial weapon training
  • Wealthy


  • Wealth: +11 (base 5, charisma +2, feat +4)


Shì Dāwéi was born in Fūlě, a small-to-medium industrial town in the northern Empire. His father Shì Zhuàng was a local textile producer, from whom he learned shrewd business skills. His mother Shì Měilù was a submissive and worrywart housewife.

Dāwéi was born biologically female and originally named Měibǎo by his parents, but he was always a tomboy and more interested in masculine things. At the age of 18, Dāwéi bade goodbye to his family and left Fūlě to explore the world at large and pursue his own business goals and ambitions.

Still living as female, he found his way on the secret Imperial transport ship, the Black Freighter. There he met a young Captine Jaquline Highwater, with whom he had an sexual encounter in the lavatory while the vessel was being attacked by unknown ninjas. The experience helped to solidify Dāwéi’s self-confidence in his male identity. As Dāwéi cared less and less about hiding his inner nature, he started using his new name, and his appearance and style shifted to the point where nobody was calling him “she” anymore or knew about his past.

Later, as a get-rich-quick scheme, Dāwéi started up an ankylosaurus hatchery and hired Yixactatyl Hernandez as as his main dinosaur wrangler. Ankylosaurus eggs are a rare culinary delicacy in the Empire. The farm project failed disastrously. Dāwéi privately blames Hernandez for being a lazy savage and not doing his job but continues to respect and value Hernandez for his unbeatable knowledge of dinosaurs and local materials.

Over the years, Dāwéi has developed a business relationship with many mercenary dino-pirates and has a loose network of people able to buy and ship commodities for him. These contacts are also where he acquired (and learned to use) his flintlock pistol.

More recently, Dāwéi had been meeting with ninjas of the White Phoenix clan to secure the recipe to their unique flashpaper technology. It seems that the White Phoenix however were more interested in finding out how Dāwéi knew they were the originators of flashpaper, and eventually they tried to kill him. It was during these battles that Dāwéi found himself on the same side as Itsuki, who was also fighting the White Phoenix for his own reasons.

Current projects

Dāwéi is now a passenger of the shipbuilding mogul Besala. He is willing to do anything to get on Besala’s good side, knowing her economical power and hoping he can one day secure an investment or opportunity through her. The ship is currently heading to Changlao.

Future ambitions

As a commercial Imperialist, Dāwéi is always prospecting and scouting out for valuable commodities and natural resources he could export back to the Empire: copper, cotton, rubber, palm oil, cocoa, diamonds, tea, tin, pelts, etc.

Shì Dāwéi

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