An always smiling and polite foreign diplomat.


Ninja ~ Emerald Spirit Clan

Role/Level: Generalist 1

Virtue: Thoughtful Vice: Manipulative

Reputation: 0 Prof Skill: Diplomacy

Wealth: 8 Size: 5’8’’ Speed: 30

Abilities Combat Defences
Strength: 1 Initiative: 1 Base: 10
Dexterity: 1 Combat: 0 Dodge: 11
Constitution: 1 Maneuver: 1 Parry: 13
Intelligence: 1
Wisdom: 2 Saves
Charisma: 0 Tough: 1 Fort: 1 Ref: 1 Will: 4

Feats and Powers

  • Enhanced Senses(ES) – Power
  • Improved Strike -Feat
  • Ninja Weapon Training -Feat
  • Attraction – Feat
  • Wealthy – Feat
  • Contacts – Feat


  • Concentration 4+2
  • Bluff 4+4
  • Diplomacy 4+4
  • Escape Artist 4+1
  • Gather Info 4
  • Stealth 4+1+2 (eq)
  • Sense Motive 4+2+Enhanced Senses
  • Notice 4+2+Enhanced Senses
  • Search 0+1+Enhanced Senses
  • Sleight of Hand* 4+1+2 (eq) +4†

Notes: * Ultimate Skill; eq Equipment; † If tiny, +8 if Diminutive


  • Common Outfit
  • Ninja Outfit (+2 Stealth)
  • Doka
  • Shikoro
  • 10x Smoke Bomb
  • 1x Flash Bomb


  • Bagh Nahk ATT (1) DMG (+3) Crit (20 +3) (With Armoured Gloves and Unarmed Strike)
  • Shuriken ATT (1)DMG (+1) Crit (20 +3)
  • Smokebomb 10’ radius 2 rounds, Concealment
  • Flashbomb 20’ radius Blind and Deaf (Ref 14), Recovery (Fort 14 +1/round)

Itsuki hails from the Emerald Spirit Clan, a clan renowned for its mysticism and mentalism.

Itsuki is the son of a high ranking Clan Lord and was raised apart from the other Ninja Children in their new homes on Ninja Island. The Clan Lord emphasized all manner of deception, both in warfare and peace. This Strategem served the Emerald Spirit well during the time the Ninja’s had been forced away from the empire and continues to serve them well.

Itsuki is perpetually in between, by both design and requirement. Itsuki is easy to get along but fiercly loyal to his clan and aspires to make his father proud of him. Itsuki uses his Ninja training in mentalism as well as a childhood of training in courtly intrigue and politics to further the agenda of the Emerald Spirit.

Itsuki’s Father is an Ancient Man but rules his family with an Iron Fist. While far too old and disliked to ever ascend to Clan Overlord, Itsuki’s father plans for all things, including the long game where his son may ascend to Clan Overlord.

The Emerald Spirit Clan

Out of all the Ninja Clans, the Emerald Spirit did the best during the Empire’s pursuit of Ninjas. The Emerald Spirit Clan teaches how one may turn an opponents weakness to victory, your weakness into an impenitrable defence. When the day of the Ninja came, when most Ninja’s were busy escaping and fighting for their lives, the Emerald Spirit was simply gone, its clan holdings abandoned, its members abscent. They rematerialized like their namesake spirit with barely missing a step, exactly as the Clan Overlord known as The Evergreen planned.


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