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Chang Lao

This campaign starts in the city of Chang Lao, one of the largest cities amongst the islands. The city is built around an easily-defended harbour, with three forts guarding the approaches: West Fort, on the high ridge that protects the harbour, Fort Sand—out past “Oyster Town” and guarding the eastern channel, and The Bastion, overlooking the narrow passages that grant entrance to the Outer and Inner Harbours.

Much of Chang Lao is built on top of ancient stone ruins, now overgrown and barely discernible, used mainly as sources of building material. Many narrow and poorly-lit passages delve through these ruins, and rumours abound of more secret chambers and halls deep within. Every so often quarrymen taking away the cyclopean block uncover an ancient treasure trove or burial chamber. Terrible things inevitably ensue.

The nearby swamp is largely uninhabitable—by which of course is mean “inhabited by crazies, horrible beasts and mad cults bent on apocalyptic missions.” But enough of them.

The Outer Harbour is home the rag-tag fishing fleet that feeds Chang Lao, while the Inner Harbour is where the real business of the city happens. Pirate vessels flush with ill-gotten loot, adventurers, stolid cargo ships looking to offload merchandise, all bringing with them crews eager to sample the many pleasures of this jewel of the islands.

The pirate captains who make their homes in Chang Lao do so in fantastic wealth, and rather than sail out into danger themselves, they mostly now invest in promising young captains and ships, providing hopeful buccaneers with their first shot at a big score. This practice has been so successful that a permanent trading house has set up, called “The Harbour Market” where anyone who cares to invest their cash can do so in a variety of piratical ventures.

Char Gen Notes

Itsuki and Da Wei collaborated in a failed attempt to wrest the secret of flash paper away from the White Phoenix Clan.

Itsuki and Captain Jacquline have crossed swords a couple of times, to no real resolution. The Captain once piloted her ship a little too near the headquarters of Itsuki’s clan, the Emerald Spirit Clan.

Hernandez has a curious puzzle box/seal thingummy that he got from Itsuki in a case of mistaken identity.

Captain Jacquline and Da Wei survived a ninja attack on The Black Freighter by hiding in the head.

Da Wei tried to ranch ankylosaurs with the help of Hernandez, but things ended in tragedy.

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