• Bessala Day

    Bessala Day

    Powerful and wealthy ex-pirate running things in Chang Lao
  • Brigid


    Fire-wielding sorceress -- got killed in the swamps outside Chang Lao
  • Captain Stenfahl

    Captain Stenfahl

    Dour, sullen captain of the Stormy Blossom, a new sloop belonging to Bessala Day.
  • Captine Jaquline Highwater

    Captine Jaquline Highwater

    Sauve and Audacious Charmer.
  • Diogymoto, a.k.a., Sing Dog

    Diogymoto, a.k.a., Sing Dog

    Homeless, wandering, alcohol-swilling warrior-bum. A slob of a ninja. Charles Bukowski meets Miamoto Musashi. Diogenes the Cynic meets the drunken kung-fu master from Virtua Fighter 2.
  • Itsuki


    An always smiling and polite foreign diplomat.
  • Kitsune


    Enigmatic woman our heroes have been told to observe.
  • Shì Dāwéi

    Shì Dāwéi

    Short mustachioed Imperial merchant
  • Tang Li

    Tang Li

    Bessala Day's sneering, contemptuous right-hand man. Or at least so he claims...
  • Uncle Canabramalamer

    Uncle Canabramalamer

    A scraggly fellow clutching a pot of deadly golden coreyänder.
  • Yixactatyl Hernandez

    Yixactatyl Hernandez

    Gentle dino-taming giant from Impsala